Winamax finds top-notch talent with CodinGame

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Winamax, the online poker leader has chosen CodinGame to help them identify talented programmers through an Artificial Intelligence challenge.


A high level platform with incredible Technical Challenges

IT R&D is a major challenge for Winamax, who is always looking for talented developers. By being part of the online gaming sector (poker and sports betting) implies several technical challenges: the computerisation of game rules, the security and availability of the platform in order to support a big amount of transactions operating in real time and a large number of players connected at the same time.

To offer strong and innovative functionalities as well as an efficient platform, the company needs a team of top tech talent to rely on. Indeed, the technical environment in place and security constraints of gambling games do not leave room for mistakes.
The initial recruitment process established at Winamax to identify those high level profiles was a combination of interviews and technical tests. This approach focused on quality but still didn’t allow the company to easily identify talent with the right skills.

In order to maximize the chances to find expert candidates with strong skills and the ability to work on innovative projects, Winamax has chosen to work with CodinGame. The platform offers developers the possibility to showcase their skills through online coding challenges and at the same time, it encourages them to discover and meet companies looking for talent.
An IA Challenge about Poker to Identify Talent

A tailored programming contest in collaboration with CodinGame and the Winamax team was created: “PokerChip Race”, a poker-themed real time Artificial Intelligence competition. Every player had to program an AI capable of controlling the movements of a group of living poker chips in a limited space (a poker table).

In two weeks, the contest brought together around 1,000 online players on the CodinGame platform, followed by the Finals organized in the Winamax HQ. 50 of the best ranked players were invited. Thanks to this event, the Winamax technical team was able to analyze every applicant’s program and meet the most creative ones. This approach which associates fun and online technical pre-qualification allowed the firm to identify expert profiles without losing time and only focusing on what really matters: the quality of the code produced during the contest.


Following the contest, Winamax were thus able to hire 2 highly talented programmers who are now fully integrated into the tech team and the company is considering organizing new recruitment events with CodinGame.

“Our technical team recruitment is for us a strategic priority. Our service quality is based on premium positioning and requires us to press ahead on a powerful and reliable technological platform. Developers are at the heart of this scheme. Thanks to CodinGame, we’ve been able to meet experts and programming enthusiasts in record time, while challenging the standard recruiting methods, says Catherine Bandza, Recruitment Manager @Winamax


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