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Fully redesigned, the new CodinGame platform lets coders from around the world sharpen their programming skills while playing visually stunning online coding games.

On, all the in-game actions are dictated by code commands written in real-time, allowing coders to improve their coding skills at each level, while having fun. The platform is designed for developers and programming enthusiasts of all levels. The graphical renderings, animations and elements of gameplay provide a truly engaging gamer’s experience. Helping Indiana Jones escape a maze filled with rolling boulders, landing the Opportunity rover on Mars, or guiding Thor to win the battle of Ragnarok are a few examples of the challenges that await players. 

The CodinGame community brings together more than 20,000 developers from 120 different countries, and the puzzles can be solved in 20 different programming languages (Java, Javascript, C/C++, C#, Python…).

“We are developers at heart and we have a passion for coding, so we decided to create our dream platform: a place where coders could have fun solving programming problems and express their creativity,” says Frederic Desmoulins, CEO of CodinGame.

The platform supports a single player mode where participants can keep track of their results, as well as multiplayer battles. Just like in MMO games, thousands of gamers can play artificial intelligence games simultaneously. The goal is to program the best bot in a readily provided environment, and compete against other gamers in a virtual arena. The in-game Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with features such as code completion, coloring, etc., allows developers to write, test, and compile their code directly in the browser. 

 CodinGame Puzzles

Every two months, CodinGame organizes online hackathons where over 3,000 students as well as seasoned professionals from around the world compete to see how they stack up. Coding events such as “Game of Drones,” “Skynet Revolution,” or “Poker Chip Race” combine the atmosphere of a hackathon with a video game, bringing traditional coding competitions to a whole new level. CodinGame contests also help developers to find their dream job in a company they like. Some of the sponsors looking for tech talent include references like eBay, Nintendo, Sage, Adobe, and Ubisoft.

“We have the vision that, in the near future, coding will be associated with video games, where players not only move characters but code all their actions, impacting the whole environment like in the Matrix,” adds Frédéric Desmoulins.

 CodinGame contests

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