On 04/26, it was Skynet Revolution: facts & figures about the challenge

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Los Angeles – 2018. The Earth’s surface is ravaged by a merciless struggle against the machines controlled by Skynet, the all powerful, autonomous artificial intelligence program. You are John Connor, leader of the Resistance. Your objective: destroy Skynet. Your weapon: Code.

It is in this apocalyptic context that several million among you joined the resistance the last 26th of April. The mission was not the easiest: to defeat Skynet, the strategy involved infecting several Moto-Terminators with a lethal virus able to destroy Skynet. The problem: to reach the QG, it was necessary to direct the motorbikes remotely across a bridge riddled with potholes...


1443 developers in 56 countries began the adventure, and 837 finished the challenge. Congratulations to them!

In the Top 5 of most represented countries among participants, with 246 contestants, the US come just after France (567), followed by India, Morocco and Russia. 

There were 345 students overall among finishers (that is 41% of finishers) 


The average score is a 34%and overall, the average time to finish the challenge was 3:13:00.

Java and C++ were still largely favored by participants, and Java progressed whereas C++ was a little less used than for the previous challenge. Interestingly, we welcomed significantly more Javascript, Pascal and Perl programmers this time.


As for sponsors, 18 references were presented among which Ebay, Sage, CapGemini, Q2, or Deezer, offering positions in the US and in Europe.

Regarding the connections made, 561 developers have applied with corporate sponsors and 146 positions were available in 10 different countries.

You can review the participants’ code from the leaderboard by clicking on { } as well as by attempting to solve the exercises on our training page.

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