Hackathon Oodrive: Interview with Eugénie Jacques, Marketing Project Manager at Oodrive

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“At Oodrive we like to set challenges for ourselves… The idea of an in-house hackathon was a natural choice.”

Oodrive has for a long time been a privileged partner for us. In last December, we worked together on organizing an Hackathon for their tech team. The format was a 48-hour artificial intelligence battle in teams. How a great adventure it was! The availability and energy of the marketing team (thank you Eugénie and Camille!) combined with the enthusiasm of the R&D team gave birth to an event as festive as it was unifying. Congrats everyone :)

Eugenie, can you tell us about Oodrive and its tech team?

The Oodrive group is a software company specializing in the management of online files. Created in 2000, we are pioneers of SaaS in France and are one of the European leaders among security service providers. We are present today in 8 countries and amount to 240 collaborators. At Oodrive innovation is at the heart of our strategy, it’s why R&D represents 40% of our workforce. Our “tech team” is composed of people passionate about their craft, for the technologies on which they work and who are driven most of all by the same will to advance our solutions.

How was born the idea to organize an internal hackathon at Oodrive?

At Oodrive we like to set challenges for ourselves and we are very much players. The idea of a coding challenge was a natural choice!

What were the determining factors in the choice of CodinGame as partner for the organization of the event?

The originality of the proposed game was a vital element for this 1st hackathon because we really wanted to make an impression and gather the whole company around this event. The other very important element for us was the support and mastery of CodinGame in the establishment of the challenge. We are very demanding as to the quality of the events that we organize, may they be internal or external, which is why we expect from our contractors the same high standards and the same professionalism. CodinGame took up the challenge perfectly!

Concerning logistics, what did you set up internally to host the competition (prizes, atmosphere…)?

Our cafeteria was requisitioned to host the event and everything was planned so that the teams would have essentials at hand (food, drinks, etc…). Throughout the day the rankings were published on our internal Twitter, allowing everyone to follow the development of each team and the employees could come cheer on their favorite team. At the end of the challenge a cocktail party was organized for the whole company. The 3 best teams were rewarded (1st prize 2 NAS, 2nd prize 2 PS4, 3rd prize 2 Nexus tablets) and also received trophies.

Tell us how the hackathon played out and what were the highlights!

The hackathon met with great success, everybody took to the game and we truly felt a real dynamic around the challenge. For me the 2 highlights were: the night that our developers spent on the premises coding and the announcement of the winners before the whole company.

In the end, did the result meet your expectations?


What were, in your opinion, the most positive aspects of this collaboration with CodinGame?

CodinGame quickly grasped the spirit of the challenge that we wanted to organize and everything was done to adapt to our wishes. Additionally, their teams displayed a great deal of professionalism and were able to make themselves available.

Do you have any suggestions for areas of improvement?

There must always be an area for improvement… so I will say a back-office allowing us to manage the display of results internally (only the 3 first teams, for example) and providing the possibility of cheering on the team via the platform.

And for the future, do you foresee other events of this kind?

Of course! The 1st hackathon was such a success that we are organizing a 2nd during the course of the year.

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