Flashback on March 22: Kirk's Quest!

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Saturday March 22nd was the birthday of the famous Captain Kirk, and we wanted to honor him worthily with a special edition: “Kirk’s Quest”!


On the agenda–– a four-hour challenge and two special missions: to land Kirk on planet XIV and help him find his way towards emergency teleportation…

With this new edition that draws more and more near the world of video games, we wanted to make our challenges more dynamic and ensure that each participant would be able to launch and see develop his code in the given environment.

More than 1200 developers from 70 countries took part in the game. Even if the majority of participants are French, this first edition open internationally brought together over 70 trans-Atlantic participants, thanks in particular to the support of Dice.com and companies such as Sage, Lavastorm, Rockwell Automations, and Zindagi Games, who sponsored the event.

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Concerning the technologies used, we note that C++ and Java were the languages the most often used during the challenge. 

Regarding the connections made, almost 400 developers have applied with corporate sponsors and nearly 200 positions were available in 6 different countries.

We note as well that Java and C++ are the programming languages most often requested by companies.

You can review the participants’ code here by clicking on { } as well as by attempting to solve the exercises on our training page.

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