Between programming challenges and video games

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Our last challenge, from February 22nd, had "Ragnarok" as its theme, the end of the world according to Norse mythology. An occasion for us to draw two conclusions:

1. The Vikings held, a priori, false information.

2. This event allowed us to mark a real revival in our events. For almost two years we have strived to provide, before all, content for rich challenges, with complex problems that require a very strong algorithmic ability and a great deal of creativity. However, regarding visuals… we still had work to do.

Ragnarok is our very first challenge of animated programming.
As of now, participants (from the leaderboard) can see in real time, like in a real video game, the result of the code produced and the consequences of this for the problem posed.

For the sponsors, we also integrated the CodinGame TV directly into your dashboard, which allows you to review the different scenarios and to get a concrete idea of the strategy adopted by each candidate!

A good step to make the challenges even more interactive, more agreeable to watch as well for all those who are not inspired by a line of code, and especially more fun forthe participants!

Here's a video replaying the challenge winner's code, Gawen (in Java):

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