Launch of Artificial Intelligence Games in Multiplayer Mode

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To satisfy the growing appetite of the community of players who participate in our monthly coding challenges, we have decided to propose a new type of competition: Battles of Artificial Intelligence in Multiplayer Mode.

Open non-stop for 2 months, the first game of this type, Tron Battle, is of a logistic as simple as it is efficient: the players program their “bot”, equipping it with all the resources of a real artificial intelligence, and bring it face to face in real time with the robots of other players in an online arena. The interactive and collective aspect, added to the visual rendering, is quite addictive, seeing by the 1,300 players who have already joined the challenge. On principle, the player who wins the most matches climbs the ranking (where one can see the replays of the matches via the Tron TV).

Offering AI games is for us not only an occasion to diversify the contents of the platform, but also to democratize bot-programming: in giving to the disposition of players the infrastructure necessary to the establishment of this type of game, we permit them to concentrate on the essential, that is to say, the code of their AI.

Another interest: to call upon the players’ other skills such as creativity, strategy, or the implementation of original algorithms (path finding, neural networks, genetic algorithms…). The developers have no limits aside from imagination.

The game is open until the 28th of February.
To participate, simply register:!challenge:20

*** Update for 2014/03/13***

The Tron Battle has ended, and has been placed in the training section.

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