CodinGame WorldCup of November 23: The report

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On the evening of Saturday, November 23rd, we contributed, as is proper, to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the British series Doctor Who with a contest on the theme of the Doctor. Intergalactic and somewhat crazy, this contest proposed new kinds of problems that were rather well liked by participants.

The contest was composed of two coding problems, the second introducing for the first time in the history of CodinGame challenges the reading of an image file: it involved decoding a musical score. The average time to solve the exercises was 3 hours, 8 minutes with a majority of participants who managed to solve the first. In the end, this challenge remains very qualitative since half of the finishers received a score higher than 50%.

2,200 participants from 66 countries

2,200 entrants registered to the event, from which 1,167 were finishers. This challenge was much more qualitative than quantitative: from the 1,167 finishers, 578 obtained a score higher than 50%. Entrants came from more than 66 countries. The top ten countries represented are: France, India, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, Tunisia, Brazil, the USA, the UK, and Belgium. 

On the employers' side

For this edition, 18 companies (from France, UK, Brazil) were sponsors and were offering 79 CDI and internships in different sectors: video games, services, cloud, big data, finance, web, talent management, e-learning. 57% of finishers applied, and the recruiters received 20 to 224 applications each.

A last word: there are now more than 11,500 developers in the CodinGame community!

The next challenge will be held online on
Saturday, November 25, 2014.

Companies can register until January 20th.

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