2013: Key figures for a year of coding challenges

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2013 reaches its end, and it is a perfect opportunity to look back at the 6 coding challenges we organized this year. We’re happy to share with you some interesting key figures extracted from the numerous data we gathered throughout the year.

The stakeholders

The 6 challenges we took into account in our report are the editions of: January, March, May, July, September and November 2013.

The community of developers

The CodinGame community has been growing steadily over the past months. Today, it has more than 12,000 developers in 66 countries.

65%  is the number of newcomers registered for each challenge
49%  is the number of students in the community

If a majority of developers tend to favor languages such as Python, C++ or Java to code during the challenges, interestingly, we see that many of them state in their profile that they also master front technologies (Javascript, CSS, HTML5):

The companies

Overall, 63 companies participated in the challenges this year. From growing startups to key accounts, these companies are mainly divided into 3 categories:

The jobs

The opportunities offered (both permanent positions and internships) target the 13 following technologies, the top 4 most sought-after skills being Java, Javascript, C/C++ and PHP:

The applications

We registered  6585 applications during the course of the year for permanent jobs, internships / end-of-studies internships, apprenticeship programs or freelance positions.

55%  is the average percentage of finishers who apply to companies through a challenge

CodinGamers’ reasons for participating in a challenge break down as follows. It is interesting to note that permanent positions are the main motivation for applying:

Connections between employers and developers

On average, recruiters get in contact with  40% of the developers who applied for a position with them.
76%  is the percentage of applicants who accept companies contact requests and who share their personal details
27 hours  is the average time applicants take to answer to a company’s contact request, by providing a cover letter and a resume
1290  is the number of connections between developers and companies that occured through CodinGame over the year 2013.


Apart from the fun and playful experience they offer, the CodinGame challenges remain an interesting way for developers to apply and to get in contact with companies in which they can identify themselves. For employers, it is a good opportunity to prove they share with these applicants a passion for the profession and for technical expertise, with the will to go beyond the traditional boundaries of the resume to meet new talent.

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