September 21 CodinGame: the report

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The September CodinGame was our first themed CodinGame, and featured guest star Bender, the notorious depressed robot from the animated series "Futurama". It was composed of 3 exercises, the 3rd one being really hard, so the time needed to complete the challenge was longer than usual, with an average of 4 hours 15 minutes (and nobody managed to reach the end before 1:50:00). Overall, the challenge required participants to juggle several skills, from code writing to pure algorithms and mathematics.

3,445 entrants from 55 countries

For this challenge, word got around very well and we had 3,445 entrants, which is 1,000 more than we had for the July challenge. Of the 3,445 entries, 1,124 held up to the end. Entrants came from more than 55 different countries. The top 10 countries represented were: India, France, Morroco, Tunisia, USA, Brazil, Cameroon, Vietnam, Romania, and Algeria.

On the employers' side

For this edition, we had  18 companies (from France, USA, UK, Luxembourg, and Morocco) offering 82 jobs and internships in different sectors: video games, services, advertising, media, and web. 66% of finishers applied for jobs and internships, and employers received an average of 75 applications each.

A last word: there are now more than 8700 developers in the CodinGame community!

The next CodinGame will be held on 
Saturday, November 23.
Companies can register until November 18.

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