CodinGame is the winner of the 2012 national competition to support young innovative technology companies!

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The Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) organizes each year, in partnership with OSEO, the national Competition to support young innovative technology companies.

The objective? “To promote and support the best innovative entrepreunarial projects dealing with innovation technologies, providing them with financial help and appropriate support."
To return to the concept of “innovative company” which we see everywhere, and which we still don't know what it really covers, we can say that innovative startups are companies created to develop and launch new products, designed and developed with a significant portion of Research and Development.

This is the case with CodinGame: our assessment technology by simulation required two years of R&D before seeing the light of day.

Innovative startups in France benefit from public support: business incubators, specific support and funding schemes are there to help startups. This is particularly the case in our region: we have been supported from the beginning of our project by Languedoc-Roussillon Incubation (who allowed us to set up a partnership with the public research laboratory Epsylon), and by the innovative business incubator of Business Innovation Centre de Montpellier Agglomération.

We are the winners of the Oseo / Ministry of Research, category "Emergency" contest (and yes! We're still young...). The envelope we received will allow us to continue investing in R&D, and we're proud to have received the official label which awards our technology!

This year, there were more than 536 projects presented “In emergency,” and 108 were the winners in regions.

Among the projects retained, the technological field “Computing, software and ICT” represented 30.5% of the cases (most of which had to do with life technologies and pharmaceutical technologies, 30.5% too).

Frédéric attended the awards ceremony last 5th of July, in Ministry's gardens... Capricious early-Summer Parisian weather: it rained, and not lightly, so that even the tents set up outside to host the buffet quickly started leaking.

Going against tradition, the usual group photo of all the winners, usually taken outside, had to be taken inside... The result: it's difficult to distinguish the lucky winners.

On the above official photo: can you find where Fred is hiding?

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