The 2nd CodinGame contest will be on October 25

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After the first successful contest – our brand-new CodinGame platform is launched! Our goal is to organize, at regular periods, programming contests to link companies who have job openings in the IT sectors and talented programmers who love coding.

Next event: 25th October at 18h00, simultaneously online and in a dedicated hall in Montpellier (at Cap Omega) to take advantage from the “challenge” atmosphere.

Why coding contests?

For now, sourcing remains the main concern for IT employers: almost 4 out of 5 companies are struggling to find candidates. We believe that the filters which exist today in IT recruitment contribute in the limitation of the number of applications which can be received. In fact, the ideal developer, the famous “sheep with 5 legs” (that is, a Master Degree, 1 to 3 years of experience, and a CV which shows an impressing list of fashionable technologies) is increasingly rare. And objectively-speaking, these criteria aren't always a guarantee of professional competence.

On the other hand, developers dream of getting the chance to work in a company where they will feel good, and where expertize opens doors to jobs which are technically high enough for what one can do.

Recruiting on technical skills first

CodinGames changes the rules of traditional recruitment: here, there is no selection based on resumes nor professional experience, it's uniquely the quality of the code which makes all the difference. Criteria such as age, education, career experience are no more stumbling blocks for candidates who now have the opportunity to show what they can do, without being prejudiced.

What's more, to eliminate the remaining filters which could harm the analysis of an application, we chose to put in place anonymity in the contests. It's also useful for developers who currently have a job but are nonetheless keeping an eye on other opportunities…

3 hours of competition, 3 tests, 6 programming languages

Like the first CodinGame challenge, the contest will be about 3 hours long. One difference: the problems will be more complex than in the first edition.

Novelty: the language choice will now be made directly during the contest. The choice is between Java, C, C++, C#, Python and PHP.

We're awaiting at least 150 participants, we'll see just how high we can go...

Prizes, and a cocktail

The contest starts simultaneously online for participants from all over France and, for those who want to make the most of the atmosphere, we will open the doors of the Cap Omega for a live challenge in Montpellier. At the end of the event, we will welcome employers and participating developers to a drink.

And since we really want there to be a lot of competition in this edition, the top coders will take home 5 Nexus7 tablets :-)

Reminder about the stages of the challenge

1. Companies make their job offers, which are published on the platform
2. Candidates then browse the job openings offered and choose the companies which interest them (new companies can add more later on, therefore candidates can change their choice until the eve of the competition)
3. The competition takes place
4. The companies receive the report and the comparative ranking of the candidates, identify the profiles which best meet their requirements, interview applicants, and eventually hire them.

Where and when?

The CodinGame will be held online on the 25th of October between 18h and 22h.

To participate:

• Candidates:!challenge:2
• Employers: / 04 67 13 00 96

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