July 27 CodinGame: the report

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The CodinGame of July 27 was held almost a week ago, here's some initial feedback about this successful event.

An international openness

6th CodinGame contest since October 2012, and 1st english/french bilingual contest, this edition opens it up at an international level (India, Eastern Europe, USA and North Africa), both on candidates and employers side. As such, the employers included the startup Rev (San Francisco).

2157 entrants from 47 countries

All in all, we had 2157 entries, an increase of more than 1000, compared to the previous edition. 758 CodinGamers finished the challenge. Participants come from 45 different countries.

On the employers' side

30% of all candidates applied for jobs, and 20% applied for internships. The CodinGamers who participated just “for fun” represented 46%.

As for the employers, 9 companies coming from the video games sector, cybersecurity, servicing, media, or collaborative economy, offered 42 jobs and internships.

These companies received an average of 91 applications.

Meetings are ongoing. It's worth nothing that May's CodinGame, in which participated 11 companies, followed through with 14 hires, including 10 with contracts of undefined length, just one month after the event.

The CodinGame community now has 6100 developers.

The next CodinGame will be held on 
Saturday, September 21.
Companies can register up to September 16.

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