CodinGame edition #1 "Startups & Interns": the Awards

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What happens when you lock-in for two hours 31 student coders who are ready to go head-to-head with three programming problems?...

Our first CodinGame programming contest – “Interns & Startups” edition was held yesterday, Thursday 8th March 2012, in the premises of Cap Omega in Montpellier. An excellent moment and a great success for our first attempt, which exceeded all our expectations!

The idea was to bring together innovative startups and students looking for internships. How? Use this to facilitate the meeting in a fun event which allows young developers to showcase their potential, earn gift certificates, and as a bonus, earn an internship in a startup they like.

For this first challenge, the Business Innovation Center of Montpellier, who has been supporting us since 2010, was present for a partnership. We had the participation of 19 startups and companies* who offered 33 internships. In turn, Montpellier's IT schools didn't hesitate to announce the event to their students.

Result: yesterday, 31 motivated young coders came to defend their school's colors: Polytech (3rd and 4th year), IUT/Université Montpellier 2 (4th year), Epitech (3rd year), EPSI. Their talent was up to the challenge: professionalism, concentration, the flow of lines of code, suspense, good humor, and excellent final results for an evening which left everyone wanting to come back. A special congratulations to Stéphane WOUTERS who proudly represents IUT's 1st years and who finished 8th!

The awards of the 3 finalists:

- 1st price: Loick MICHARD, Epitech
- 2nd price: Silvain LOUIS, Polytech
- 3rd price: Kevin BOLLINI, Université Montpellier 2

Thanks to all participants and stay tuned for the next edition!

From: Natacha (CodinGame Intern), Loick (1st place), Silvain (2nd place), Kevin (3rd place), Fred (CodinGame), Aude (CodinGame) et Nico (CodinGame)

Photos by Kim Boscolo

* Imageau, Soledge, Open-S, Nout, Fruition Sciences, Vadequa, Schlumberger, Nelis, SM2 Solutions Marines, E-Prospects, Maeglin, Imaios, Mezoa, Iocean, Ozapp, Eliis, Neiio, Neotic

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